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Customer Relations Management (CRM)
It’s now more important than ever to keep on top of every lead,
opportunity and customer.

ProSTART CRM was designed to specifically organize your Opportunities, Prospects, Customers, Organizations, and Contacts that are linked or interrelated to each other.

  • Avoid having people listed in multiple programs.
  • Add contacts to an organization or easily move a contact from one organization to another.
  • Easily add or view everyone associated with his or her respective roles in an organization.
  • Send texts, emails, and attachments to anyone in your database, and save a record of it.
  • Associated documents, notes, activities and addresses are at your fingertips and fully integrated with Google Maps.

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Document Management
This unique tool easily attaches documents or any digital media
to related files. Secure and paperless.

PROSTART Document Management is a powerful and flexible module that makes it easy to attach any digital media to a customer, contact, project, task etc. and open it directly from within the program.

ProSTART organizes all of your documents and digital content in a secure location or server so your valuable information is fully protected. This also simplifies the backup process, and enhances processing speed. When you click on a file, it opens in its native program for instant access, where you can edit or do anything that program allows you to do, then save the updated file in ProSTART.

  • BONUS: You can also save as PDF documents that you would normally print from within ProSTART, and attach them to an email in one step!

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Calendar and Activities
Keep staff on task and target with daily, weekly and monthly views
of our dynamic drag-and-drop calendar.

ProSTART Calendar and Activities work together to provide flexibility and targeted scheduling.

  • Filter by color-coded values of your own choosing – whatever is meaningful to your business.
  • Create reoccurring activities or events with ease, and mark them when done.
  • View appointments and activities from the prospect, customer, contact or projects detail record.
  • Assign activities to staff, to keep them on task and on target.

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Invoicing and Payments
Coordinate front office sales with back office operations by creating invoices from sales orders, then easily apply and track payments, discounts or credits.

ProSTART Invoicing and Payments allows you total control and transparency with your enterprise.

  • Create professional invoices directly from sales orders with one click!
  • Easily apply payments, discounts or credits, then print or email professional looking PDF Invoices to your clients
  • Unique Invoicing tool gives you a dashboard overview of what needs to be invoiced, so you can do it right there.
  • Quickly create recurring and memorized invoices to save repetitive data entry.
  • Integrated with Contracts, Projects, and Work Tickets to monitor deliverables and bill on time.

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Inventory Management
Create and track items, inventory, non-inventory, service, subtotals and sales tax.

ProSTART Inventory Management gives you a 360 degree view of the entire procurement, inventory and notification process, even across multiple warehouses. Know where everything is, who is waiting on what, and why.

  • Bar code generation and integration
  • See Sales Order and Purchase Order history for each product or service
  • Store documents, notes, etc. related to the product or service
  • Compare Vendor pricing and other information

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Project Management
Create professional looking project estimates. Turn estimates into projects with one click. Assign tasks to one or multiple stakeholders for completion. Easily add tasks with detailed time logs for seamless invoicing and payroll. Print project Gantt charts.

ProSTART Project Estimating allows you to create project estimates and easily print or email estimates to your prospects for approval. When the project estimate is approved, simply click the “Create Project” button and your estimate is automatically converted into a project with project tasks assigned to your staff for completion.

ProSTART Project Management is a robust and thorough module that allows projects to be easily assigned and managed. Each task can be assigned to one or more stakeholders and will automatically show up on individual stakeholders “My Tasks” dashboards for them to complete.

  • Easily add single or multiple tasks as they arise anywhere in the project.
  • Move tasks up or down in the task portal and indent sub-tasks.
  • Grouping tasks makes task management easier to view and coordinate.
  • Each stakeholder can easily add one or multiple time logs to their assigned tasks, indicate completion, quality control testing and readiness for invoicing.
  • Detailed invoices can be created from the project with one click.
  • Print or email detailed project progress reports or Gantt charts to your client.

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Monitor business performance in real time by displaying trends and generating detailed reports.
ProSTART makes it easy to do both… and more!

ProSTART Dashboards enable you to view your critical business metrics in the way that is most helpful to you. User privileges and roles for each staff member enable managers to filter, view and display multiple aspects of any project from one central system.

  • Role-based, modular Dashboards for Estimates, Projects, Tickets, Sales, Shipping, and more!
  • Built in Quality Control components to identify tasks needing follow-up
  • Robust filters to view only what you need to see about a module
  • Unlimited Time Logs per Task, including Time Tracker and Assets
  • Easily drill down from any Dashboard for vertical visibility

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QuickBooks and Outlook Integration
Easily integrate your ProSTART solution with QuickBooks and Outlook.

ProSTART Project Estimating can reduce double entry, increase accuracy, and save time by integrating contacts, invoices or sales transactions with Quickbooks or Outlook. Plug-ins sold separately.

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Mobile Access and Data Exchange
Access CRM Contacts, Projects, or Invoices from mobile devices such as an iPhone or iPad to run your business from anywhere 24/7.

ProSTART Web Integration via IWP or PHP
enables access to your database online directly from the web. Manage and maintain dynamic web data such as inventory lists, shopping carts, on-line forms and anything else you want to capture or publish to the web.

ProSTART Mobile Device Integration
Want to get your sales or production data on your handheld mobile device such as iPhone, PDA or Blackberry? We can make it happen! With Filemaker Go you can have access to critical data in real time keeping you in control of your business no matter where you are.

ProSTART Data Exchange with MySQL, SQL or Oracle FileMaker Pro
has the ability to access data stored in MySQL, SQL or Oracle solutions. Let our certified developers help you get the right information in the right place for easy access.

Run your business from anywhere 24/7.

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