ProSTART Overview

Custom Data Solutions
Small to Mid-Sized Companies to Large Enterprise Organizations

ProSTART is a Completely Integrated Business Management Solution

Open Architecture

ProSTART is designed as an “Open Architecture” solution and by obtaining a open architecture license to ProSTART source code adding new features, upgrading components or making modifications is easy with FileMaker Pro. Don’t be “locked-in” by proprietary constraints. ProSTART is designed to seamlessly integrate with your other systems to grow as your business grows.

Highly Customizable

Unlike out-of-the-box solutions, ProSTART automation solutions are tailored to your unique business needs. Manage your sales process, your customer information, your projects, track your inventory plus integrate with other related functions in your particular organization.


ProSTART helps you drive productivity, efficiency and agility with ONE system to run all areas of your company end-to-end.

Extremely Agile

ProSTART is a rapid-development AND a rapid-deployment automation system that enables your users to access information 24/7 and see only the data you want them to see. ProSTART’s robust reports and search features also lets your end users see the data just the way they want it. Agile, easy to use, reliable and secure.


ProSTART’s Pre-Built Modules Deliver More Features in Less Time at Less Cost

ProSTART gets you up and running 2-3 times faster and less costly than Salesforce, Oracle or other similar “build-from-scratch” database management systems. ProSTART has a complete set of pre-developed database modules that accelerate the development AND the deployment process. Each module is ready to go after minor customizations for your unique business.

Customer Relationship Management

ProSTART CRM helps you keep on top of every lead, opportunity and customer.

Quotes and Sales Orders

Track quoting activity and correspondence. Turn quotes into sales orders with one click.

Inventory Management

Create and track items, inventory, non-inventory, service, subtotals and sales tax.

Document Management

This unique tool easily attaches documents or digital media to related files. Secure and paperless.

Invoicing and Payments

Create invoices from sales orders with one click. Easily apply payments, discounts or credits, then print or email PDF.


Easily create multi-column layouts in your content.

Calendar and Activities

Keep staff on task and target with daily, monthly yearly views.

Project Management

Set a custom background for individual project sections.

Quickbooks and Outlook Integration

Easily integrate your ProSTART solution with QuickBooks and Outlook. 


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