With all the business software options available today, what makes ProSTART the right choice for YOUR business?

Many businesses have identified application development projects as having the potential to dramatically improve information access, performance and bottom line results. Yet which solution you choose may have an even greater impact on a whether your project starts fast and has a strong ROI or turns into a painful, costly, and long ordeal for your company. If you are in the process of evaluating various traditional software solutions such as Salesforce, or Oracle to run your business, you have come to the right place!

Problems with traditional application development tools
such as Salesforce or Oracle.

The root cause of most software development problems can be traced to miscalculating requirements, costs, and quality assurance, which are all related to the development of the application. These problems are further strained by the rigid specifications and longer development cycles associated with traditional application development tools.

Your business is unique. You don’t do things the same way your competitors do them. The same reasons that an “out of the box” software program doesn’t work for you are the reasons why you have a competitive edge in your market.

Businesses today need agile Application Development tools, such as ProSTART, that deliver the ability to speed development, reducing training needs, accelerate prototyping, and enable rapid project changes. Those advantages combine to increase the ROI potential versus traditional approaches such as Salesforce, Oracle, or NetSuite.

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The ProSTART Advantage

Do you find yourself running your operations in several programs; with different devices doing different things? Are you frustrated by their inability to work together and support what you do? The problem is, coordinating multiple programs is inefficient. You wind up entering the same things in several places, and can’t get the information you need when you need it. Complicated programs like Oracle and Salesforce take too much time to set up and learn.

Our intuitive business processes and agile development of new features is what makes us stand out from the crowd.

ProSTART’s ready-made platform launches your enterprise in a few minutes, which lets you spend less time learning how to make your computer keep up with your business, and more time actually building your business. Plus, our rapid deployment strategies get you up and running 2-3 times faster than those other traditional approaches!

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Your Business at Your Fingertips

We believe you should not be a slave to technology. Your automated systems should serve YOUR needs, and make things easier for you; not more difficult or confusing. More importantly, your business software should not dictate your processes… ideally, it should support the innovations that drive your business goals, and automate repetitive data entry or workflow that drags you down. Your business drives ProSTART-not the other way around.

ProSTART is a tool that makes multitasking easier. ProSTART provides a solid software foundation that takes care of all the core business processes you need in one simple system. AND it can be fully integrated with your business intelligence to help you grow. And with ProSTART’s coordinated, multi-device access, you can check on how your company is doing… from virtually anywhere, at any time.

Ask for a FREE, no obligation business review today, and let us show you how ProSTART puts your unique business intelligence at your fingertips!

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The rapid development data management solution. More features, Less time, Less cost.

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