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ProSTART Enables Forward-thinking Businesses
to make more informed business decisions.


ProSTART Forward-thinking businesses are taking full advantage of the advances in data management and data analysis tools to make more informed business decisions.

Why are so many businesses choosing ProSTART? Because ProSTART Delivers Big Business automation that Small Businesses can afford! Designed as a lower cost, rapid development application, ProSTART comes complete with many pre-developed modules – ready to go! Yet, ProSTART is fully customizable.

ProSTART provides your business with ONE system to manage people, projects, opportunities, sales, inventory and much more! Developed and tested over many industries and projects, ProSTART Incorporates the best practices from dozens of different industries.


ProSTART Accelerating development for a Wide Variety of Industries

Developed and tested over many projects, over many years within a wide array of businesses, ProSTART Incorporates the best practices from dozens of different industries.

ProSTART is loaded with great pre-built features such as Accounting, CRM, Project Management, Gantt charts, Calendars, Activities, Sales and Order Tracking that work for many different types of businesses.

To give you more of an idea of how ProSTART can help your unique business,
let’s look at a few real-life examples…

Child Care
We designed and customized an Immunization Card for a busy chain of child development centers. State licensing requirements mandate that they keep track of all child immunizations (for good reason), and we created this sophisticated automated tool that handles everything in one place so they no longer have to keep paper records!

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Apparel and Accessory Manufacturing
An international apparel and accessory manufacturing company had a Quality Control problem to solve. They came to ProSTART looking for ways to perform QC tasks in “real time,” in their actual overseas factories, to ensure that their high standards were being met and maintained.

So we developed an amazing iPad tool that captures and manages images of the quality, details, and context of manufacturing processes. The image-rich data is also archived and managed robustly to maintain processing speed and create an audit trail

Trades Industry
ProSTART can also be customized for the Trade industry. Its project-based architecture lends itself well to the concept of “service calls” or “work orders,” and its intelligent design and ease-of-use can be extended to just about any field encounter.

For example, a heating and air conditioning service company asked us to design a detailed point-of-service iPad tool for its field technicians. They can now manage their workload faster, with more information captured and integrated with what they do on a daily basis.

What’s more, having live, “real time” data also allows for coordination with other company processes like: inventory management, reports and projections, resource allocation, asset scheduling, quality assurance, performance evaluation. Really, the possibilities are unlimited!

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Real Estate
For a real estate company, we developed a feature-rich yet simple-to-use website or “dashboard” for agents to order marketing and promotional materials specific to newly listed properties. Their orders get automatically parsed out on the “back end” to various departments so they can manage projects leading to rapid order fulfillment.

Heath Care
A medical practice needed to use a whole new Diagnosis Code system required nationwide by Medicare and Insurance providers. ProSTART delivered “beyond expectations” to provide them with an easy-to-use tool that converted their current coding system to the new one, seamlessly as they continued to see patients!

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