Designed with the same built-in flexibility and readiness for use as ProSTART FM

Designed for a variety of manufacturing businesses that assemble products, or “units” with a Bill of Materials. We developed 80 to 100% of what you’ll need for your business, which saves thousands of dollars in development costs. The key to any manufacturing software is the Workflow Process. ProSTART MFG has a robust, flexible, customizable Workflow Process built right in, providing a relatively short development track that leverages the advantages of ProSTART, and integrates your manufacturing processes with its powerful array of features.

Typical Workflow Made Easier with ProSTART Manufacturing The sequence of events and tasks is very flexible. This is one example of a typical workflow. 

  1. Make a Quote as needed, including options, warranties, service plans, etc.
  2. Revise the Quote (if needed), and link it to previous quotations
  3. When accepted, turn the Quote into a Sales Order (SO)
  4. Release the SO to production and notify the customer
  5. Review the Bill of Materials and order parts as needed via POs
  6. Coordinate the receipt of parts with the production process
  7. Assemble or manufacture the item(s) for the order
  8. QC and testing of units and/or products
  9. Release from QC to shipping
  10. Alleviate from inventory the parts and materials used for the order
  11. Process shipment and tracking number, release to carrier, and notify customer
  12. Confirm delivery and generate an invoice



Built-In Yet Customizable Features

  • Create a library of products you build, and the parts you use to build them
  • Sales Orders can be released to production after defined events or requirements
  • “Units” (i.e. the things you build) can be one-offs, customized from templates, or standard, repeated builds
  • Bill of Materials and revision management, specific to your types of units
  • Full-featured Inventory Module tracks usage, levels, costing, ordering, receiving… and much more!
    • Barcode scanning
    • Costing by FIFO, LIFO, or averaged
    • Receiving, RMAs, and returns
    • Kits, bundles, Bills of Materials
    • Optional integration with your point-of-sale website, or let us design one for you!
  • Multiple “dashboards” put your business functions at your fingertips, and are iPad-friendly
    • Production Dashboard shows all units in production by week, the stage they are in, and other key information
    • Sales Dashboard shows scheduled events, email, sales opportunities, or whatever you need!
    • Shipping Dashboard displays orders ready to ship, in progress, and shipped
  • Intelligent reports and utilities to fully or semi-automate processes that typically delay production
    • A “PO Generator” may create POs based on sales, item types, and inventory levels
    • An “Order Fulfillment” report tells you when to expect key parts in relation to expected delivery dates
  • A flexible, iPad-friendly Production Traveler to guide line assembly, QC, inspection forms, provide wire lists & diagrams, and much more!
    • Take and store pictures of any stage, using your built-in iPad camera (iPads and hardware not included)
  • An iPad-friendly Shipping Module to inspect and fill out a Shipping Checklist, obtain carrier signature, enter tracking information
    • Drop-shipments and coordination of external deliverables (e.g. batteries) supported
  • Internal Work Order capabilities – for the parts or sub-components you build on-site
  • Every unit you build has its own record, serial id, and provenance in the database for ease of tracking, managing warranties, etc.
  • Create and manage unlimited “types” of products or units you build, including their own Bill of Materials templates, and much more!
  • Intelligent Purchase Orders that can be scheduled, lead times tracked, and tracking info monitored
  • Sell and manage standard warranties, extended warranties, and related service… and know in advance when they expire!
  • Manage a variety of customers, contacts, consultants, third-party reps, commission sales staff
  • Field Service Tickets and service quotes, orders, shipping, documents, and photos
  • Contextual document management system – view, print, or email any type of file!
  • If needed, integrate production processes with ProSTART’s calendar, estimates, projects, scheduled tasks, opportunities, and more!
  • User login by department, access privileges, and options to go anywhere in the solution, see scheduled tasks, etc.
  • Invoicing Module that is independent of, or integrated with, your sales and production
  • Many standard reports included, plus we can quickly create valuable custom reports for your unique business
  • Optional, value-added components that integrate with your own website and existing systems:
    • Order Tracking web app (customizable for your own website) for customers or reps to track the stages of their orders
    • Integration with Outlook and email servers, custom email notifications, and more!
    • Vendors Portal where your vendors can obtain POs and update your database on the status
    • Mobile-friendly Field Service App with robust interface so you control the contextual content
    • Online Service Ticketing and request system for your customers
    • Sync with QuickBooks in a variety of ways



Is right for YOUR unique business?

So where does your business fit in? Whether you are a small company or a large enterprise, you have invested time and money to develop products and processes that make your business run the way YOU want it to. The things that make your business unique are the same things that give you a competitive edge, so you don’t want to lose track of those vital attributes, or have to manage them from some other, isolated program. And all of these modules and intelligent systems can be accessed 24/7, from virtually any device, and anywhere that has an Internet connection! …Our advanced functionality means that any custom development needed is compatible with multiple device operating systems!

At Is ProSTART, when we say ‘rapid development’ we really mean it! Our expert team of innovative programmers can quickly identify the things your business will need to succeed, and suggest software features that automate many processes! The more you tell us about your business; the faster we can design and develop awesome software tools to run it!

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